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June 23, 2024

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New Position Posted:
Director of New Products (Marketing).

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Locke and KEY

We help companies hire people. Pure and simple. We offer full-service recruiting services, with an entire menu of choices to fit any and all of your hiring needs - and your budget. We know you are here because you are trying to hire someone, either now or in the future... and we can HELP you! We differentiate ourselves by offering great value.

Let's face it, hiring isn't easy, it can be downright overwhelming, and it isn't always fun! Locke and KEY will take the pain out of recruiting and hiring for you, and we do our best to help you fill your positions at all levels and functions in your organization. It's a valuable service, with lots of flexibility, that is customized to your needs. It is a pricing approach tailored just to fit you!

You have many paths that you can take when you want to hire someone... Locke and KEY can help you... every step of the way.

No matter what industry you are in (from software to food and beverage, from construction to engineering) or what level your open positions are (from CEO to Administrative Assistant, from Director of Sales to VP of Operations), or what functional area of your company (from finance to marketing to field operations), Locke and KEY can make recruiting and hiring easier for you.

How we are different

Whether you want a little extra help to supplement your own resources, or a one-stop solution that handles all your recruiting needs, Locke and KEY is the answer.

We have listed the possible choices YOU have, and how WE can help YOU in each scenario. We don't compete with your internal or external resources; we simply offer additional or supplemental services where and when you need them most.

In short, we offer an unbundled "menu" of recruiting and hiring services to choose from, and we can support all of your recruiting and hiring needs. We are flexible, and we offer a lower risk, greater value alternative, and we have no minimum fee.

Our service is so personalized, that we provide word-for-word telephone interview transcripts that make you feel almost as if you were there during the interview.