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Recruiting Capabilities and Services Offered

June 23, 2024

Locke and KEY strives to be the best "matchmaker" for your organization: we get to know you in depth, and try to match you with the KEY candidates who are available for, and interested in, your position, and who represent the best the marketplace has to offer.

Locke and KEY partners with you to HELP you fill your open positions. You may be trying to fill the position on your own, you may have an in-house recruiter who needs help, or you may already be utilizing a retained or contingency firm. Locke and KEY provides services to augment those resources, so that you get the most out of all your recruiting efforts.

In our comprehensive search process, you may only need PART of what we are able to do, and in that case, then we will only provide the services that you request. We will discuss our capabilities with you, then service you with just what you need. Locke and KEY does the following, and more: (don't hesitate to ask us, if something is not listed here!)

  • Visit your organization and view how your operations work. Learn about the evolution of your company and industry. Get to know the hiring managers and the future plans for your organization.
  • Meet with you in person to discuss all of the unique aspects of the search, and your history of filling positions in the past.
  • Outline, with you, the requirements of the position: the role, expectations, necessary background, personal attributes and rewards for the position. We develop a detailed position description, approved by you, to be used as a marketing tool for prospective candidates. If you already have a position description, we help make sure it's written to attract potential candidates.
  • Learn the culture of your company, and speak with others in the organization, when appropriate.
  • Research specific target companies and the general market for candidates, utilizing networking, referrals, industry intelligence, market data, and feedback regarding your company. Get the word out about the availability of the position. Each search involves customized research; it is not a cookie-cutter approach. If we have conducted a similar search in the past, we contact appropriate candidates and introduce the new search.
  • Partner with you to find candidates. We screen the candidates whom we find in the market, as well as those who come directly to you, via your website, referrals, job postings, internal recommendations, etc. This allows you to avoid "playing favorites," and gives each candidate an equal opportunity. It saves you time and energy, and allows you to concentrate on your core business.
  • Provide you with detailed status reports on our search progress.
  • Screen, interview, evaluate, reference and verify credentials of potential candidates. We present you with written candidate reports (either summary or detailed, depending on your needs), verbal highlights and the resumes of final candidates.
  • We provide you with real time, detailed (almost verbatim) phone screen and reference transcriptions. We type as we interview, and this is one of the most highly valued services we provide, and one that our clients appreciate. We will also do this for candidates you have already identified for any position, whether we are working on it or not.
  • Arrange travel, interviews and meetings between your hiring group and the candidates.
  • Discuss and negotiate an attractive, comprehensive compensation package with the candidate. We present the final offer and guide the candidate in exiting his/her current company.
  • Advise and counsel with you throughout the process. Maintain a favorable representation of your firm with candidates and the market.
  • Celebrate with you on the completion of search!
  • Follow up with you and your new employee to ensure a smooth transition in the months ahead.