Additional Services

June 23, 2024

  • Interviewer Workshops
    We will come to your office and coach you on brushing up or improving your interviewing skills, whether you are the direct hiring manager, or you are the Human Resources front person. We present the workshop in a relaxed, inclusive, facilitative style, with mandatory audience participation. We prefer to present to groups of one to five people, and the workshop can be a two hour brown bag lunch format, or a half day workshop. Learn to get the most out of candidate interviews; learn to avoid the standard questions; find out who the candidate "really" is.
  • Customized Continuing Education Workshops
    This is a customized workshop for hiring managers and internal recruiters who want very specific interview/recruiting/sourcing training to update and enhance their existing inteviewing skills. Limited to two participants at a time, due to the focus of the information being provided and individual customization.
  • Candidate Name Identification
    If your company has its own strong internal recruiting resources, and you periodically need just the candidate name identification research of the people doing a particular job at companies where you want to recruit from (potential candidates and referral sources), we can provide you with those names. For example, you need the names of the mechanical designers at ABC Company, or you need the names of the Patent Lawyers at Smith and Jones, LLP, or you need the names of the salespeople at Widgets, Inc, we can create a list of the names in the department or the organization. You just provide the company and the types of titles and we do the rest. We provide this service to both other recruiting firms and corporate clients.
  • "Anytime" Recruiter Consulting
    We want to be your recruiting and hiring resource. Our clients call us anytime ... when they need a quick bit of help (interviewing someone, or conducting references for a candidate they found on their own) or they want us to help them with a new hire.