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Posting the Position Yourself

July 22, 2024


You need to fill a position (whether it's an Administrative Assistant or a VP of Marketing), and you have very few, if any, financial or other resources to fill the position. You can't afford to hire a search firm, but you do not feel that you are able to find good candidates on your own, and vet them properly. Here are a few things you can do:

  • You can post the position yourself (Craigslist, Monster, Industry websites, etc) and hope that qualified candidates see your posting and send a resume.
  • You can do a very targeted search, relax your qualifications, and hope that the right candidate surfaces.
  • You can utilize your network, such as an employee referral program, get some press about the company, lead people to the position posted on your website, get the word to your local associations, and tell everyone you know!

What it Costs

The price for job posting varies (Craigslist costs $75, others are about $300-400 per one month posting) and the hidden costs of processing all the resumes yourself, and conducting the entire search yourself, pulling you from your daily duties of running and growing your core business.

Locke and KEY can:

(choose any or all of these)

  • Write your position description to present the opportunity in the most attractive light.
  • Sift through the resume responses, and rank order the most qualified candidates, and add comments that will aid you in your selection process. Unfortunately, in a tight job economy, when you post a position, you receive a resume from (seemingly) every person on the planet. This adds to the headache of sorting out qualified candidates, and lend a hand to speed the process and separate the more qualified resumes.
  • Perform in-depth telephone interviews with the top five (or number of your choosing) candidates from the responses. You will have input to the list of questions asked, and you will receive a transcription of the interview with evaluation comments. You will almost feel as if you were sitting in on the interview!
  • Conduct a face-to-face interview with the very best candidates from the phone interviews, and we will do this at your office, in your presence. You sit in on the interview and you can be as active or passive as you like; all you have to do is focus your attention on the responses and not worry about anything else.
  • Conduct thorough references and a background check, verify credentials, discuss and negotiate compensation with the chosen candidate, and present the offer.
  • Guide you and the candidate through the transition period.
  • If you decide that you want to conduct the actual recruiting yourself, we also offer "Name Generation" services, meaning that we help you develop a target list of companies (or use one that you have developed) and we will provide the names of potential candidates and referral sources, from these target companies.

Please view our full menu of services: Recruiting Capabilities and Services Offered.

Our full menu of services makes it easy to have your hiring needs met. We look forward to working with you!