Contract Recruiter

May 21, 2024


You may have a temporary need to hire multiple employees. You have a seasonal business, or you just received an infusion of capital and need to ramp up, whatever the reason, you need to hire multiple people NOW. It might make sense for you to have a dedicated recruiter on-site, at your company, for a period of time. You don't want the obligation to hire a full time recruiter, but you want someone to work with the level of dedication as if s/he was your employee, working only for you, developing a program to work with your hiring managers, and getting many of the positions filled as quickly as possible, without hiring different outside firms to work on different positions, and creating confusion and lack of consistency in service. The contract recruiter will cohesively manage the internal hiring process, and manage outside search firms if necessary. The contract recruiter can work part time or full time at your office, and dedicate as many hours as you need, for the work to be completed.

What it Costs

Contract recruiters' fees vary, and their rates are based on hourly work, plus usually some success fee for each person placed. Their fees range from $75-125 per hour.

How Locke and KEY can Help:

If you do not already have one, we can provide your company with a dedicated contract recruiter for the duration of your hiring process. We will discuss the parameters of the search projects and together, determine the best course of action.

Then, once the contract recruiter is in place, we offer our wide menu of services to help your recruiter meet the needs of the job, and keep from being overwhelmed.

The first step is to call us, so we can get started.

Please view our full menu of services: Recruiting Capabilities and Services Offered.

Our full menu of services makes it easy to have your hiring needs met. We look forward to working with you!