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In-House Recruiter

June 23, 2024


You need to hire a permanent recruiter for your company, because you have many ongoing positions open all the time, the work is beyond the scope and ability of your busy Human Resources Manager, and you wish for this recruiter to have the full benefits of employee status.

What it Costs

The effort to fill this In-House Recruiter position will parallel the process for any other position. However, are you skilled at assessing a recruiter's abilities? What better approach than having people who are experts at recruiting evaluate candidates for you? In-house recruiter salaries vary widely ($65-$120K), depending on the size of your company and scope of the position.

How Locke and KEY can Help:

We can help you "Recruit the Recruiter." We will employ all of our services for whatever is necessary to help you find your In-House Recruiter.

Then, once this person is in place, we offer our wide menu of services to help your recruiter meet the needs of the job, and keep from being overwhelmed. If you have so many positions to fill that you need a permanent recruiter, chances are, the person will need outside help here and there, and with no minimum hours, your recruiter can call on us anytime you need additional support, or special assistance.

The first step is to call us, so we can get started.

Please view our full menu of services: Recruiting Capabilities and Services Offered.

Our full menu of services makes it easy to have your hiring needs met. We look forward to working with you!