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Our Flexible Solutions

June 23, 2024


When you don't have the resources (skills, time, energy, etc.) or interest, to do everything it takes to properly search, recruit and fill the position yourself, and you want to focus on your core business, we will help you with every step of the process. Locke and KEY is a hybrid of all the recruiting solution options you have. We offer a menu of services to help you recruit the best candidates available, and we will work with you from beginning to end, to accomplish this task.

What it Costs

Every search is different; we work on an hourly basis, with lots of flexibility to give you just what you need, at the pace you desire.

How Locke and KEY can Help:

The first step is to call us, so we can get started.

Please view our full menu of services: Recruiting Capabilities and Services Offered.

Our full menu of services makes it easy to have your hiring needs met. We look forward to working with you!