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Passive Candidates

June 23, 2024


You have a choice to be passive in filling your positions. Maybe people read about your position on your website, maybe they hear about you in the press, maybe your employees are great referral sources, or maybe you just have a fantastic reputation in the market. You find that you just don't have to spend any money to get qualified resumes. If you have the time and ability to properly interview candidates, and you are happy with all of your results, then this is the perfect world.

What it Costs

While it appears that there are no monetary costs, you still may have costs associated with employee referral programs or corporate messaging to maintain your brand; however, if this has worked for you, then you may not need to spend money soliciting resumes. You have costs associated with the position being empty, but this passive approach is usually not used by a company who has an urgent need to fill the position.

How Locke and KEY can Help:

  • If you have a good flow of resumes, you may have little time to sift through them for the cream of the crop; we can help sift through incoming resumes and rank order the best ones, with our comments.
  • If your Human Resources Manager or individual Hiring Managers receive great resumes, but don't have always have the time, energy, or skills to expertly interview and qualify candidates, we can perform in-depth telephone interviews with your selected candidates, and provide you with written transcriptions; we can conduct thorough references; and we can guide you, if you become temporarily overwhelmed with your internal process.
  • If you would like to see what kind of resumes you would get with active recruiting, we can also look in the market to find candidates who you can compare to the unsolicited resumes which come to you.

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