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POSITION TITLE:           Project Manager, Construction
REPORTING TO:             Production Manager
LOCATION:                       San Francisco, CA 94123
OUR CLIENT:                   Upscale Construction


Founded in 1995, Upscale Construction is an ever growing, lively and energetic premier custom home building company in the heart of San Francisco’s Cow Hollow district.  Established by founding partner, our projects stretch from San Francisco to Wine Country.  Upscale Construction is made up of individuals from across the globe. From the US to Ireland to Australia to Mexico, our backgrounds are as varied as the projects that we love to build.  We genuinely care about each other and have made the commitment to not only work hard, but enjoy ourselves while doing it.  For us, coming to work is more than just a paycheck.  We’re here to accomplish our own personal goals while achieving our team goals; among them to be touted as the premier builder in the Bay Area.

We realize that we are strong, but only if every member of our team works to support each other, in an energetic and focused manner. These are not just words; we live by these attributes every day, and we are only looking for someone to join us if they believe in these same things.

We seek a Project Manager who does the following: Manages, coordinates, and supervises construction projects to ensure they come in on budget, on schedule and at a high level of quality while maintaining strong relationships with clients, design team and neighbors.

This is a salaried, full time position with benefits.

The position is posted here:

  • Responsible for regular internal and client project cost updates, including: project budget reports, estimated units and hours to complete reports, and change orders.
  • Responsible for overseeing and managing the construction schedule to ensure projects stay on schedule.
  • Responsible for overall quality control of projects.
  • Manages relationships with project team members (Client, Architect, Consultants, and Superintendent) through clear and regular communication.
  • Shares the responsibility for the achievement of Company and Department goals and participates as a contributing member of the management team.
  • Coordinates planning, scheduling, bid solicitation and review, and procurement negotiations.
  Objectives and Results: Responsible for regular internal and client project cost updates, including project budget reports, estimated units and hours to complete reports, and change orders:
  • Review and update MIS reports bi-weekly
  • Provide monthly Gross Profit Reports by deadline
  • Periodically review the Notes To Contract and budget with Superintendent to clearly understand what scope of work is included in the project budget
  • Create and issue Owner Change Orders in a timely manner
  • Buy out and negotiate subcontractor/vendor pricing and change orders in a timely manner
  • Ensure self-performed work is adhering to the budget
  • Review regular client billings and ensure billings are sent to the client on time
  • Ensure client bills are paid on time
  • Review subcontractor/vendor billings and return by deadline
  • Review self-performed time cards weekly and code them appropriately and return by deadline

Overseeing and managing the construction schedule to ensure projects stay on schedule using MS Project and Procore software packages:
  • Review initial Project Schedule with Superintendent and modify, if necessary
  • If initial schedule has not been provided, create Project Schedule with Superintendent
  • Meet regularly with Superintendent to ensure subcontractors are scheduled in advance and have the correct crew scheduled
  • Meet with Production Manager to ensure self-performed labor is planned out and executed ahead of time for success
  • Responsible for documenting three-month forecast of labor needs on a monthly basis
  • Ensure receipt of critical path design decisions through RFIs and regular use of the Design Decision List
  • Adjust and amend project schedule when necessary to reflect changes in scope
  • Work with subcontractors and vendors to ensure material lead-times and delivery dates are met
  • Ensure that all necessary permits and approvals are received and confirm required inspections are scheduled by the site super and are completed and signed-off
  • Note on Project Schedule the following milestones: Concrete Poured/Demolition Complete, Roof Watertight, Drywall Hung, Cabinets Installed, Completion
  • Schedule Site Visits with Estimator to review Notes to Contract at the following milestones: Foundation Poured/Demolition Complete, Roof Watertight, Drywall Hung (just prior)

Overall quality control of projects:
  • Walk the site to ensure work is being properly executed
  • Schedule other team members (e.g.: Production Manager, Construction Manager, Estimators, and other Project Managers) to walk the site periodically
  • Strive to use the best quality subcontractors and materials to fit within the budget
  • Work with team to make sure the highest construction standards and methods are being implemented
  • Work with Superintendent to make sure all OSHA regulations are being enforced

Manages relationships with project team members (Client, Architect, Consultants and Superintendent) through clear and regular communication:
  • Schedule, oversee and manage weekly internal project meetings to establish “action items”; Assist Superintendent with any problems or concerns
  • Schedule, oversee and manage regularly scheduled client and design team site meetings; distribute meeting agenda prior to meeting day and follow through with publicized meeting notes within 2 days
  • Resolve any Client concerns or issues as it regards price, quality or scope of work. Think “politically” about what action is going to best further Upscale’s relationship with the client and/or architect
  • Review in a timely manner upcoming changes to scope, the schedule, and any budget implications

Share the responsibility for the achievement of Company and Department goals and participates as a contributing member of the management team:
  • Provide Estimators with specific project feedback for use in future estimates
  • Share successes and challenges to help benefit other Project Managers
  • Regularly report GP Reports and Schedule Updates to Senior Staff for company planning purposes
  • Provide post-project review
  • Manage, mentor and utilize Assistant Project Managers

Coordinates planning, scheduling, bid solicitation and review and procurement negotiations:
  • Complete buy-outs of subcontractors and suppliers as early as is appropriate for the project while especially paying attention to critical path requirements
  • Create and issue RFPs for scopes of work where subs and/or vendors have not been specifically identified in the Contract estimate or where new scope has been identified
  • Negotiate subcontractor and vendor pricing, when necessary, to achieve the best budget while paying attention to quality and schedule requirements

EXPERIENCE/SKILLS REQUIRED: We realize that every interested candidate might not have all of the desired experience, but here is what we are looking for in terms of experience and skills… the more you have, the better!
  • Proactive, flexible, team player who is comfortable working in a small company environment taking on a leadership role
  • Able to work in stressful environments and calmly manage last minute issues and concerns
  • Possess and maintain thorough knowledge of OSHA requirements; support Superintendent to ensure that all OSHA guidelines and programs and implemented and enforced to maintain a safe and health work environment
  • Strong ability to work with numbers and analyze budgets
  • Forward-looking, able to see a problem well in advance, having a solution in place before a crisis
  • Able to see and work through sensitive or “political” issues with clients, architects and/or consultants
  • Highly motivated, self-starter
  • Organized, with excellent time management skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to accept coaching and feedback
  • Manage all jobs, situations and employees in a way that limits the liability of Upscale Construction
  • Manage employees in way that results in excellent quality of work, excellent customer relations and excellent financial performance of your division
  • Develop a strong sense of team in your division; make sure your staff knows you care about them as individuals and not just as a way to increase "financial performance"

College degree is a plus. Construction education is a plus.

Opportunity to work on unique residential building projects. Base salary plus potential discretionary bonus. Benefits include:
Medical insurance premium allowance.
Available Dental/Vision insurance.
Retirement plan.
Paid vacation, sick time and paid holidays.
Gym membership allowance.
FSA-Flexible spending account.
Pet insurance discount

TO APPLY:                         
Please email your resume and cover letter with “Upscale” in the subject line. Local candidates only.
Qualified resumes with cover letter will receive notification of receipt. Please not send your resume to the client directly.

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