POSITION TITLE: Site Superintendent, High-end residential construction


REPORTING TO: Project Manager


LOCATION:  Report to job site daily; San Francisco or North Bay projects


Website: http://www.upscaleconstruction.com


Founded in 1995, Upscale Construction is an ever growing, lively and energetic premier custom home building company in the heart of San Francisco’s Cow Hollow district.  Established by founding partner, our projects stretch from San Francisco to Wine Country.  Upscale Construction is made up of individuals from across the globe. From the US to Ireland to Australia to Mexico, our backgrounds are as varied as the projects that we love to build.  We genuinely care about each other and have made the commitment to not only work hard, but enjoy ourselves while doing it.  For us, coming to work is more than just a paycheck.  We’re here to accomplish our own personal goals while achieving our team goals; among them to be touted as the premier builder in the Bay Area.


We realize that we are strong, but only if every member of our team works to support each other, in an energetic and focused manner. These are not just words; we live by these attributes every day, and we are only looking for someone to join us if they believe in these same things.


We seek a Site Superintendent to be responsible for the overall construction management of the job site.


This is a salaried/exempt, full-time position with benefits.


The position is posted here: http://www.lockeandkey.com/jobs/JobOpenings/job_opening_199.php



Primary Function:

In direct communication and collaboration with the Project Manager, the Superintendent is responsible for the overall construction management of the job site, as well as being an integral part of the strategy for completing work. This includes site layout for all phases of construction, coordination and scheduling of subcontractors and managing all labor necessary to complete the project. Ensure project is completed on time per the given schedule, on budget according to approved scope and that all communication is executed in a timely and professional manner.


Major Responsibilities:

1. Ensure that the project is delivered on schedule.

2. Ensure that the project meets or exceeds the budget goals.

3. Ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

4. Maintain a safe, clean and well-organized jobsite at all times.

5. Provide leadership, effective communication and maintain good relationships with all involved in the project.



1) Schedule

ï Have a basic command of and strive to master Microsoft Project.

ï Provide input on the schedule during the initial hand-off meeting. Confirm the start date, completion date, and the milestone dates are appropriate. If not, discuss it with the project team and adjust as necessary.

ï Provide an updated 8-week schedule once per month to be posted in the office and in the jobsite office.

ï Update and be prepared to discuss the Project Schedule for the weekly in-house project meeting.

ï Schedule required staff, subcontractors, and vendors prior to their start date on the project. Confirm that they are able to meet the scheduled start and completion dates for their scope of work.

ï Notify the Project Manager and Construction Manager immediately of any necessary modifications to the project schedule.


2) Budget

ï Know the project scope of work and ensure only approved work and no unapproved work is performed.

ï Review all subcontracts for accuracy and content to ensure that all necessary work has been identified prior to the contracts being sent to the subcontractors for signature and acceptance.

ï Read each subcontract and confirm the scope of the subcontract prior to commencement of work. Ensure that all contracted scope is executed.

ï Provide strategies for completing the approved scope without exceeding the budget.

ï Identify and discuss any change in scope with the project manager immediately and request all necessary RFC’s.

ï Identify self-performed work for the project and develop a strategy for staffing, managing and completing the work within the allotted budgets.

ï In conjunction with the Project Manager request competitive pricing from vendors and subcontractors.


3) Quality

ï Strive to use the most current building methods and practice good building science.

ï Consistently walk the jobsite to ensure that all work being performed and all materials being installed, are of the highest quality.

ï Consult with the Production Manager and/or the Construction Manager when there are important details such as subterranean waterproofing, to ensure correct building methods are being used.

ï Set high expectations with the carpenters and subcontractors and confirm expectations are met.


4) Safe/Clean/Organized jobsite

ï Responsible for the safety of all those working or visiting the jobsite.

ï Provide Safety Meetings for all workers on site once per week.

ï Provide necessary personnel protective equipment and ensure that workers observe and practice OSHA compliance.

ï Maintain a well-organized and efficient job-site office.

ï Maintain a clean well organized jobsite. Inspect all scaffolding for compliance daily.

ï Ensure the job is supplied with all the tools and materials needed to maintain efficiency.


5) Leadership/communication/relationships

ï Maintain an accurate Daily Report Log for the project.

ï Compose accurate well written RFI’s and distribute in a timely manner. Maintain an accurate RFI Log and update in a timely fashion.

ï Provide and maintain a safe secure on sight storage facility for submittals. Maintain an organized Submittal Log and be prepared to provide any submittal for inspection when necessary.

ï Conduct weekly meetings with Upscale employees to delegate upcoming work and to keep the crew motivated and interested in their work.

ï Provide good effective leadership on the jobsite for employees and subcontractors.

ï Communicate clearly and in a timely manner with all those involved in the project and/or affected by the project: this includes architects, clients, designers, subcontractors, vendors, building department, employees, and neighbors.

ï Act as an ambassador for Upscale at all times and nurture good relationships with neighbors, clients and the design team.



The company realizes that every interested candidate might not have all of the desired experience, but here is what they are looking for in terms of experience and skills… the more you have, the better!


Minimum of ten years of construction related experience, with at least three years as a Site Superintendent.

Experience working directly with owners on high-end, luxury construction projects.

Live within commute distance to bay area projects.

Ability to successfully fulfill the job responsibilities listed above.

Must have good references.



Construction education is a plus.



Opportunity to work on unique residential building projects. Base salary plus potential discretionary bonus.

Benefits include:

Medical insurance premium allowance.

Available Dental/Vision insurance.

Retirement plan.

Paid vacation, sick time and paid holidays.

Gym membership allowance.

FSA-Flexible spending account.

Employee life insurance

Pet insurance discount.

Work travel reimbursement.




Please email your resume and cover letter with “Upscale” in the subject line. Local candidates only.

Qualified resumes with cover letter will receive notification of receipt. Please not send your resume to the client directly.


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