Position Profile

June 5, 2023

POSITION TITLE: Chief Executive Officer

REPORTING TO: Board of Directors

LOCATION: Santa Clara, CA 95050

The Organization was founded in the early 1990's, in response to community concern for the viability of community-based primary care clinics. The community clinics are valued as an essential "safety net" for the county's most vulnerable residents.

The mission of the Organization is to expand access to health services for the medically underserved, and encourage prevention and health promotion through service, education and advocacy. The Organization is committed to developing affordable health services that meet the needs of our diverse, multi-cultural community.

The membership of the Organization is comprised of ten primary care organizations, and the Santa Clara Valley Health and Health and Hospital System, the county operated health system in Santa Clara County. The member community clinics were founded to serve medically indigent and underserved populations.

Organization seeks a Chief Executive Officer to facilitate the development of strategic and tactical direction for the Organization, oversee its day-to-day operations, and be responsible for implementing Board policies and directives.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for all agency programs and aspects of personnel management, in addition to agency finances. Other functions of the position include, but are not limited to:

Leadership and Visioning

  • Develops and manages agency programs, work plans, goals and objectives, including short and long-range strategic planning.
    · Provides solid leadership in planning and developing new, or expanded programs, to meet the future needs of the Organization and its members collectively.
    · Coordinates and facilitates communication among Organization members.
    · Responsible for the application and implementation of established policies, and acts as liaison between the Board and staff.
    · Understands and promotes cost effectiveness throughout the Network.

    Administration and Personnel Management

  • Manages the recruitment, training and development of staff, including evaluation and termination.
    · Manages all fiscal functions, including budget development and analysis, and preparation of financial reports and audits, and annual budget, to be presented to the Board.
    · Prepares, negotiates and administers grants and contracts for funds, services and purchases; develops procedures to assure compliance with the terms/agreements of these grants and contracts.
    · Interprets Federal, State and local regulations and legislation that pertain to the effective functioning of Organization members.
    · Ensures the preparation, negotiation and administration of grants and contracts.

    Government and Community Relations

  • Serves as primary spokesperson for the agency.
    · Establishes appropriate relationships within the primary and public sectors, including state and local government.
    · Maintains a public presence to enhance the visibility of community health centers and the issues faced by underserved populations.
    · Develops and implements communications/media plan to increase public and community awareness of community clinics' programs and services.
    · Leads development and implementation of policy and advocacy priorities among community health centers.
    · Develops and maintains a grassroots advocacy program that is capable of mobilizing community health centers and community members on critical health care and other policy agenda priorities.

    Fund and Resource Development

  • Develops diversified strategies to maintain and expand Organization programs and operational needs.
    · Seeks opportunities to identify resources to support collaborative initiatives that promote member community health center organizational and operational efficiencies, including health care services.
    · Develops and maintains relationships with potential and existing sources of funds.

    Health Care Systems Collaboration

  • Participates and leads discussions aimed to improve the system for care for underserved.
    · Evaluates the health care environment and makes recommendations to the Board.

    Member Services

  • Determines common technical assistance needs of member community health centers and develops operational capacity to provide such services to member community health centers.
    · Assists member community health centers in negotiating joint contracts and agreements in addition to coordinating other fund development efforts.

    Minimum of five years experience in the public health sector, including experience in program development and evaluation. Minimum ten years overall business experience.

    Senior managerial experience and/or broad experience in administration and general management including supervision, human resources, planning and program design, budgeting, fundraising and proposal writing, and government systems and practices.

    Preference will go to applicants who have knowledge and leadership experience working with community health centers or other community based organizations serving low-income underserved communities.

    Experience in working effectively with multiple organizations, committees, volunteers, and a board of directors is preferred.

    Knowledge of:

  • Health care regulations, labor regulations, contract negotiations, Federal and State health assistance programs and grant application procedures.
    · Principles and practices of public administration and organizational management.
    · Financial and grants management, including federal grants management.
    · Computer systems and Internet services.
    · Principles of supervision, training, and employee evaluation.

    Work is performed primarily in an office environment with significant outside travel to meetings in the community. Continuous contact with staff and public.

    A current California Driver's License, current registration and current automobile insurance coverage is required when you drive on company business.


    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    Excellent analytical/problem solving capability.
    Excellent organizational skills and adept at working on multiple projects.
    Excellent leadership skills.
    Ability to conduct all duties in an ethical and confidential manner.
    Ability to set priorities and organize time in a reasonable manner.
    Ability to listen and interact with others on a professional level.
    Ability to complete simultaneous tasks.
    Ability to be a team player who motivates and educates other members of the team.
    Ability and willingness to travel.
    Ability to delegate and measure performance.
    Proficiency with Microsoft computer software (excel, word, Access, PowerPoint).
    Entrepreneurial spirit.
    Open attitude; non-combative.
    Deep commitment to community.
    Visionary: anticipate external trends and plan accordingly internally.
    Believes that health care is a right, not a privilege.

    A Bachelor's Degree is required. A major in a related field is a plus, such as business management, health, public health, human services, etc. Masters Degree is strongly preferred, with a major in similar areas of study.

    An opportunity to guide and direct the future of a growing, dynamic organization which plays a critical role in the health care safety net in Santa Clara Valley and beyond. The Organization employs creative, dedicated staff who are passionate, open to new ideas, and truly celebrates every success.

    Extensive benefits (including medical, dental, vision, retirement plus matching), 403B, life, additional insurances, flexible spending, personal time off, and holidays.

    To be considered for this opportunity, please email your resume, cover letter and salary history to:
    Lisa K. Locke
    Locke and KEY Executive Search
    Phone: 510-533-2005
    Fax: 510-533-2055
    Email: lklocke@lockeandkey.com
    Website: http://www.lockeandkey.com/