Position Profile

December 2, 2023

POSITION TITLE: Technical Report Writer

REPORTING TO: Operations Manager



The Company tests and inspects commercial facilities for the purpose of reducing the risk of concrete slab moisture related flooring failures. The company provides national independent testing and certification of moisture-related issues, from pre-floor covering concrete slab moisture testing, to post-floor covering root cause failure analysis, and recommendations for cost-effective solutions. The company list clients such as large, well known, national retailers. Our value to our customers is created through our prompt, reliable nationwide service, the integrity of our data, our ability to assess risk and provide cost-effective solutions to situational problems.

The Company seeks an in-house Technical Report Writer to assist in the retention of long-term, quality clients and optimize profitability for the company by executing on technical reporting services, so that clients' needs and expectations and the company's financial standards are met or exceeded.


Once trained in The Company's Orchestrated Reporting Process, you will be responsible for understanding, analyzing and accurately interpreting the field data to the point where you can accurately report on the findings and assist in making recommendations to remedy situational problems.


  • Responsible for executing on The Company's Orchestrated Reporting Process (all data arrives and is processed in a standard format).
    · Review and evaluate moisture testing, investigation and inspection data against The Company and ASTM standards, and rejects or approves findings.
    · Write technical reports based on research, investigation and analysis.
    · Produces Executive Summaries, Investigation and Special Inspection Reports, Risk Assessment and Repair Option Charts, selects field photos, produces maps, etc. to meet specific technical requirements.
    · Assembles and Publishes final Reports for certification.

    Other duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with Account Managers to service the Clients in a timely manner and to a high level of satisfaction.
    · Provide consultation, makes recommendations, gives appropriate advice, and/or facilitates decisions.
    · Perform additional research activities for management as needed.
    · Review and coordinate the preparation of reports, papers, and presentations for management.
    · Recommend, develop and implement improved systems, policies and procedures for the department and its function.
    · Plan and prioritize workday for optimum effectiveness.
    · Assume additional responsibilities and/or assignments as directed by the Operations Manager.


    Minimum of four years overall work experience, with at least two years in a technical writing, reporting, investigative or related role.

    Excellent proficiency in Microsoft Word required. Microsoft Excel, HTML, knowledge of AuthorIT, and Technical Writing experience is preferred. Experience with Imaging Software (for example Corel Draw, Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro) for screen capturing is also preferred.

    A general functional knowledge in one or more of the following areas is desired: Flooring Inspections, Concrete Inspections, Commercial Flooring Contracting or General Contracting, or Commercial Construction, Architecture or Engineering.

    Must have excellent organizational, communication and writing skills.

    Must be very detail oriented.


    This position requires a highly motivated individual that is able to grasp complex software and learn quickly. It also requires the ability to work within tight deadlines.

    The ideal candidate will be people-oriented, a dependable team player, consistent and steady, a good listener, builds good relationships and is objective and realistic.

    The ideal candidate's environment will be one that is systems and procedural driven with high-quality work standards. Provides projects that produce tangible results, limited contact with people, a stable and predictable environment with data to gather and analyze. An environment with little conflict between people and where he/she can be part of a team, but removed from office politics.


    Bachelor's degree or equivalent preferred. Course of study in writing or construction related fields preferred.


    Competitive salary, medical benefits, vacation and opportunities for career growth.

    To be considered for this opportunity, please email your resume, cover letter and salary history to:
    Lisa K. Locke
    Locke and KEY Executive Search
    Phone: 510-533-2005
    Fax: 510-533-2055
    Email: lklocke@lockeandkey.com
    Website: http://www.lockeandkey.com/